We are a family-run business, elevated.

Linda has been selling real estate since 1981 and Stephanie joined the team in 2010.  Stephanie started on the administrative side and spent many years there understanding the real estate business, building client connections, and observing how to effectively run a team.  In 2012, Stephanie began actively working with buyers as a “buyer’s specialist” for the team.  In 2015, Stephanie transitioned to a leadership role on the team, continuing to work with both buyers and sellers using her fine-tuned negotiating skills to make the best real estate investments, and attending to all the details of the process from start to finish.

The team has now redefined roles - Stephanie is our team leader, and Linda is one of our listing specialists as well as the marketing coordinator.  Stephanie has truly refined our family business with more innovative marketing approaches, streamlined our client care, and like Linda, she has become a household name in the real estate business.   The legacy of The Linda Fox-Jarvis Team continues. Linda once had a weekly radio show, and now you can catch Stephanie live on Facebook & Instagram.  The Linda Fox-Jarvis Team, a Legacy Redefined - same values and work ethic, in a new era!